SparkPlug was founded with one goal in mind—to catapult brands & retail businesses into the future by professionalizing and modernizing the way they work.

Brick & mortar retail isn’t dying, it’s just changing. The future of retail is personalized and interactive.

And at its core, it is human. The sales associates working the frontlines of your business have powerful influence over customers' in-store experience and what they purchase.

SparkPlug⚡️gives you the tools to harness that influence and motivate the behaviors that drive revenue and make every retail experience worth a trip to the store.


Our Mission

In our careers as economists, CPG consultants, and technologists, we’ve learned that retailers and brands are leaving massive value on the table. With modern tools, retailers and brands can better motivate the point of purchase experts that customers rely on every time they walk into a store.

Businesses deserve the tools to enhance and engage those employees, maximize revenue and elevate the accepted role of the retail employee.

Compensating them properly for their influence, spreading their reach into online shopping environments where they’re desperately needed, and all the while gaining valuable insights about the best ways to guide customers through their purchasing journey.


Our Experience

Based in San Francisco, we’re a team of entrepreneurs, behavioral economists, data scientists, market researchers, brand builders and retail experts.

We’re obsessed with building tools that make people’s lives easier and their businesses more successful. We are leveraging the principles and best practices of decision-science, behavioral-economics, and organizational theory to create powerful, new technologies.

From Harvard to hedge funds, we’ve seen it all, and we’re here to help the retail leaders of tomorrow succeed today.


Andrew Duffy Co-Founder & CEO


Jake Levin Co-Founder & COO


Sean Lewis Lead Frontend Engineer


Adam Cole Director of Operations

Corey Jones Senior Software Engineer

Jack Carlile Director of Sales

Adam Weber Principal Software Engineer

Isabel Carter Communications Manager

Jordan Guinn Senior Software Engineer

Erin West Customer Success Specialist

Matt McDowell Account Executive

Joe Driscoll Software Engineer