SparkPlug was founded with one goal in mind- to realign the incentives of brick-and-mortar commerce to make everyone earn like an owner.

Brick & mortar retail and restaurants are in the midst of a once-in-a-generation renaissance. The future of retail is personalized, interactive, experiential, and -- at its core -- human.

Today more than ever, the sales associates and servers working the frontlines of your business have massive influence over customers' in-store experiences and purchasing decisions.

SparkPlug’s ⚡️ first-of-its-kind platform gives frontline workers the ability to earn like owners by rewarding them with cash for every sale they make -- while giving business owners the tools to harness that influence to drive revenue and motivate employees to make every retail experience worth a trip to the store.


Our Vision

SparkPlug envisions a future where easy-to-use technology makes brick and mortar commerce more efficient and equitable. By connecting a network of engaged vendors, sellers, and salespeople to share information, share resources, and coordinate around shared goals, we make every player in the supply chain an owner -- meaning they have both the power to directly impact commercial outcomes and the right to receive a share of the resulting economic reward.


Our Experience

Based in San Francisco, we’re a team of entrepreneurs, behavioral economists, data scientists, market researchers, brand builders and retail experts.

We’re obsessed with building tools that make people’s lives better while simultaneously making businesses more successful -- which we believe is the most sustainable way to make positive economic change. We are leveraging the principles and best practices of decision-science, behavioral-economics, and organizational theory to create powerful, new technologies.

From Harvard to hedge funds, we’ve seen it all, and we’re here to help the retail and restaurant employees and owners of tomorrow succeed today.


Andrew Duffy Co-Founder & CEO


Jake Levin Co-Founder & COO


Sean Lewis Lead Frontend Engineer


Adam Cole Director of Operations

Corey Jones Senior Software Engineer

Adam Weber Director of Engineering

Isabel Carter Communications Manager

Jordan Guinn Senior Software Engineer

Erin West Customer Success Manager

Matt McDowell Senior Sales Manager

Joe Driscoll Software Engineer

Lyza Camat Executive Assistant

Sima Kurepa Account Executive

Brandon Rukin Sr. Product Designer

Khaya Leary Finance Manager

Kelsey Loenhorst Customer Success Engineer

Trey Smith Sales Development Specialist

Anna Matic Jr. Account Executive

Merry Mello Senior Software Engineer

Nick Hinzmann Revenue Operations Manager

Stephany Russell Customer Success Specialist

Alessandra Colaci Head of Product Marketing

Chris Utroska Account Manager

Mital Rawal Senior Product Manager