86 turnover and increase your
bottom line

By pairing powerful insights with sales gamification software, SparkPlug helps you reward your front-of-house team and sell short-running specials and higher cost-per-plate items, fast.

Retain top talent

SparkPlug is proven to increase employee retention. By motivating staff with prizes or commission, you can help teams feel happy and valued and create a more positive workplace culture.

Get up and running in minutes

SparkPlug seamlessly integrates with your existing POS software. And since all employee onboarding is done automatically via SMS, you could have your first sales contest live in no time.

Track performance in real-time

SparkPlug enables you to track your restaurant sales as they happen. You can set clear goals, monitor individual and team performance, and report on ROI - all from a central location.

Fully customizable gamification engine

SparkPlug can be fully customized to meet the changing needs of your restaurant. Motivate servers to turn tables faster, push daily specials or upsell drinks, and track all progress in real-time.

See what else you can do

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Track any metric or commission
Team or individual goals
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Integrates with any POS
Seamless onboarding
Custom prizes and rewards
Ensure privacy & security
“We wanted to create a platform that would allow restaurants to reward their teams at a large enough scale that it would directly impact retention numbers and increase the quality of life for employees.”
Jake Levin
SparkPlug Founder