Salespeople Are Your First Line of Influence

Brand Hero

Reward them for their hard work, while hitting your sales goals

Sure, you could discount your products. But there goes your profit. With SparkPlug, you create a team of motivated frontline employees creating word-of-mouth for your brand, which leads to:

✅ Customer education ✅ Reduced bargain shoppers ✅ More repeat purchases ✅ Higher lifetime value

Your marketing and sales teams will be ready to celebrate.

How SparkPlug Works for Brands

Brand Ambassadors

Frontline Engagement

Create Brand Ambassadors With Retail Employees

Launch customized incentives in partnership with your retailers to increase sell-through. Gain access to influence directly at the point-of-purchase with frontline employees advocating for your brand. Activate a team of excited brand ambassadors well-equipped to teach customers about your products.


An Insider Look Into Sell-Through & ROI

See brand analytics filtered by retail location, date, and product to measure ROI for incentive campaigns. View which salespeople are performing best for your brand incentives and identify top employees to engage with. Select time periods to compare lift in sales per category, brand, or SKU.

Use reports to prove to your boss why you’re awesome for implementing incentives (ROI speaks volumes)

Training Frontline Employees


Training Frontline Employees = Educating Customers

Brand training is accessible at a glance via employee’s incentive dashboards. This creates passionate brand educators that interact with customers on a daily basis. Product education is the best way to create loyal customers for life.


Automate Reward Payouts and Reminders

After employees join, they receive text messages to encourage them to climb up the ranks of current incentives. Once they earn a reward, a text message is automatically sent to claim rewards via a digital wallet. This keeps employees engaged with your brand and ready to compete in the next incentive you run in their store.

Automate Rewards

Brand Success Stories

Frequently Asked Questions

How does SparkPlug work for brands?

With SparkPlug you can automate every part of an incentive program to gain influence for your brand with frontline teams. Connect to retail partners via their POS and SparkPlug will automatically update daily standings of employees participating in your brand incentives. Text messages and reward payouts are also automated. 

What are Sparks?

Sparks are the term for incentive campaigns running on SparkPlug. Any brand, manager, or operator can create a Spark and approve pending Sparks.

What kind of analytics are available?

Prove sales lift from brand-sponsored incentives. View retailer data for your brand to compare lift in sales per category, brand, or SKU.

How are payouts handled?

Payouts are automatically sent via text message to any employees for their earned rewards. Employees can easily add funds to a virtual wallet and cash out via ACH, Venmo, or Visa Gift Card.

How does SparkPlug compare to other incentive software providers?

SparkPlug is unique in 3 ways:

1. Everything is automated vs the manual method of other platforms.

2. Employees constantly mention how seamless it is for them to participate in incentives and claim their rewards.

3. Our customer support is unmatched. Everyone from employees to operators are answered quickly and rave about our customer support team.

What kind of resources does SparkPlug provide businesses?

SparkPlug works closely with each business to onboard, launch campaigns, and report on ROI. Our customer support team is actively involved in making sure every customer has success with the SparkPlug platform.