The Ultimate Team Power Up

Reduce Turnover and Motivate Employees

Your employees are the first people your customers will interact with, so it's important to make sure they feel appreciated. With SparkPlug, you can celebrate a job well done by giving rewards and commissions to your frontline employees. 

This helps them feel recognized and motivated to continue going above and beyond for your business.

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Marketing-Launch Incentive Contests

Motivate and Reward Your Team

SparkPlug allows you to quickly create customized incentive goals for your team. Easily run employee contests and sit back while every aspect runs on autopilot.

Business Owners-Skyrocket Team Retention

Increase Employee Retention

Backfilling vacancies takes up valuable time and impacts team morale. Use incentives to show employees they are valued. SparkPlug increases retention by 30% on average.


Skyrocket Team Morale

When employees feel rewarded for their efforts, they have a sense of contribution and value. Especially in retail, everyone wins when morale is at its peak.


Reduce Quarterly Turnover by 30%+

49% of retail employees are considering leaving their job. You can break out of the pack by keeping your staff happy and engaged with incentives. SparkPlug creates an environment of recognition and encouragement. That’s exactly the boost that keeps high-performers staying for the long-term.

Employee Retention
Automated Tracking, Standings, and Payouts


Automated Tracking, Standings, and Payouts

The SparkPlug system is updated every few minutes with real-time inventory from your store, Daily transparency into their reward progress keeps employees motivated. With our automated system, you can have earned rewards sent to employees without lifting a finger. Or, if you prefer more control, you can choose to manually handle payouts.


Bragging Rights Activated

Frontline employees should be proud of a job well done. With earned rewards and top leaderboard status, your team will be able to get the public recognition they deserve.

Give your team the proud moments (and rewards) to showcase their achievements and contributions.

Monitor and Optimize
Get Mentioned in the Group Chat


Get Mentioned in the Group Chat (In a Good Way)

Salespeople love to get in the competitive spirit, especially when they can engage in some friendly competitive texting. SparkPlug sends updated rankings to participating employees. They love to share these wins in the group thread to egg each other on.

Operations Leaders
Love SparkPlug

Operations leaders and their teams are amazed by how seamless and effective it is to run incentive programs on SparkPlug. The results speak for themselves:

Frequently Asked Questions

Does SparkPlug have tools for any type of business?

Yes, SparkPlug can work across any type of retailer or restaurant. Simply connect to your point of sale and you can automate incentive campaigns with the SparkPlug platform.

What are Sparks?

Sparks are the term for incentive campaigns running on SparkPlug. Any brand, manager, or operator can create a Spark and approve pending Sparks.

How do businesses work with vendors for incentives?

Vendors and brands can easily submit draft incentives to partnered retailers and businesses. Once the manager or admin at the location approves the campaign, it can start running immediately. Employees at the location can participate in any available incentives.

How do incentives work?

Incentives are easy to manage from a centralized dashboard on SparkPlug. Employee performance in active incentives are automatically tracked in real-time. Available contests and reward payouts are sent on autopilot to employees via text messages.

How does SparkPlug compare to other incentive software providers?

SparkPlug is unique in 3 ways:

1. Everything is automated vs the manual method of other platforms.

2. Employees constantly mention how seamless it is for them to participate in incentives and claim their rewards.

3. Our customer support is unmatched. Everyone from employees to operators are answered quickly and rave about our customer support team.


What kind of resources does SparkPlug provide businesses?

SparkPlug works closely with each business to onboard, launch campaigns, and report on ROI. Our customer support team is actively involved in making sure every customer has success with the SparkPlug platform.