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Introducing Snaps: the newest addition to your SparkPlug toolkit.

Snaps offers an unparalleled platform for you to craft and share fully branded content that resonates. Whether it's showcasing new products, celebrating achievements, or sharing inspiring stories, Snaps allows you to create immersive, story-like content that captivates and connects.


Promote Products

Pair Snaps with your Spark incentives and provide employees with instant access to engaging, bite-sized video and photo content.


Educate & Inform

Level-up your Sparks with interactive training and quizzes, engaging frontline sellers and ensuring they’re armed with the right knowledge.


Gather Feedback

Leverage Snaps as a dynamic feedback tool, inviting frontline employees to share their insights and ideas via surveys and polls.


Showcase Your Brand

Snaps are like stories for your Sparks. Employees see your Snaps every time they use SparkPlug, ensuring your brand and content are always front and center.

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Effortlessly Create Stunning Snaps

Select from a wide range of templates to inspire your creativity and leverage your existing library of brand assets. The Snaps Builder lets you drag and drop images, video, text, and more into the templates so you can build and launch Snaps in a few clicks.


Feedback at Your Fingertips

Engage employees and gather valuable feedback with interactive elements like quizzes, polls, and ratings. Leverage these features to educate frontline sellers while building real relationships with the employees that represent your brand and products.

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Monitor Snap Performance and Employee Insights

The Snaps dashboard allows you to track views, interactions, and employee feedback right alongside your Spark incentives. Gather valuable insights to better understand employee engagement, identify areas for improvement, and drive revenue growth for your brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Snaps included in my SparkPlug subscription?

Spark Snaps will be an added cost to your monthly SparkPlug subscription.

Do I have to use the default templates?

No, you have the option to use our templates as a guide or create snaps completely from scratch.

What are Sparks?

Sparks are the term for incentive campaigns running on SparkPlug. Any brand, manager, or operator can create a Spark and approve pending Sparks.

Can other brands see my Snaps?

No, Snaps are only visible to the users who are viewing the incentive they are tied to.

Do I need a designer to create Snaps?

No, you do not need a designer to create Snaps. The Snaps editor is designed to be super easy and intuitive, similar to Instagram Stories. However, social media managers and designers who are experienced with tools like Canva, Figma, or the Adobe suite will find it even easier to create remarkable Snaps.

How do employees see our Snaps?

Employees can view and engage with Snaps through the SparkPlug dashboard, where Snaps appear similarly to stories on popular social media platforms. Snaps are integrated into your Spark incentives, making them easily accessible and interactive for employees whenever they log in.