Fire up your sales team

Your frontline employees are your revenue engine. Whether it’s an order-average contest, a team-wide sales goal, or a commission on a new product line, leading retailers use SparkPlug to motivate employees to focus on whatever sales behavior matters most.

Launch on Day 1

SparkPlug integrates with your POS system with a single click, analyzing real-time sales so you can launch your first incentive campaign in minutes. Sleep-easy knowing SparkPlug uses bank-level privacy and encryption, and you own all your data, always.


of employees opt-in within 24 hours

Effortless Adoption

The only thing worse than having to remember a password is having to download an app. With SparkPlug, employees access their personalized incentive dashboard with a magic link sent to them via text. When the incentive is over, SparkPlug automatically announces winners and pays-out prizes. No training required.


average boost in monthly revenue at retailers that offer sales incentives

Let your Vendors P(l)ay

With SparkPlug you can quickly and painlessly run sales incentives sponsored and paid for by your brands and vendors. Automate the busy-work with SparkPlug’s integrated sales reporting and managed incentive payouts so you can reap the benefits of increased sales and happier employees, while letting your brands foot the bill.


lower voluntary turnover at retailers that set clear and attainable goals​

See what else you can do

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Track any metric or commission
Team or individual goals
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Integrates with any POS
Seamless onboarding
Custom prizes and rewards
Ensure privacy & security
SparkPlug has created more of a team atmosphere, where everyone feels more involved and bought-in to our growth and success. We've significantly boosted our order average and noticeably improved customer service; there is just better all-around mojo on the floor.
General Manager
Flagship Store