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  • Retain Employees
  • Hit Team Goals


Finally, a platform that helps you accomplish more with your team

You wear all the hats. Seriously, we know you have to juggle hiring and managing a team, all while continuing to handle customers, operations, and sales goals. SparkPlug was tailor-made to take things off your plate while getting better results than ever before.

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How SparkPlug Works for Retailers

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Launch Today, Not Weeks From Now

After connecting securely to your POS, you can launch your first automated incentive right away. SparkPlug safely connects to your sales data and provides real-time updates to employees or their standings based on their sales volume. This direct connection keeps employees motivated as they see their potential to earn rewards.


Purpose-Built Incentives to Motivate Your Team

Keep your team motivated with customizable incentives. Approve brand incentives or create storewide goals to keep sales climbing. Every aspect of incentives are personalized to your goals. You can set reward amounts and one-time or recurring contests. Brands can send incentives for your approval to engage your team.

Retailer-Purpose built incentives
Retailer-brand sponsored incentives


Brand-Sponsored Incentives Help You Stay Profitable

Constantly running promos eats into your bottom line and creates bargain shoppers. With SparkPlug you can quickly launch sales incentives sponsored and paid for by your brands and vendors. Everything is automated, from integrated sales reporting to automatic incentive payouts via text. Brands foot the incentive bill and get more sales, while you get happier employees.


90% of Employees Opt-in Within 24 Hours

After employees join, they receive text messages to encourage them to climb up the ranks of current incentives. Employees access their personalized incentive dashboard with a magic link sent to them via text. SparkPlug automatically announces winners and employees claim rewards right from the text notification.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does SparkPlug work for retailers?

Incentives are easy to manage from a centralized dashboard on SparkPlug. Employee performance in active incentives are automatically tracked in real-time. Available contests and reward payouts are sent on autopilot to employees via text messages.

What are Sparks?

Sparks are the term for incentive campaigns running on SparkPlug. Account admins and managers can create a Spark and approve pending Sparks.

Can vendors sponsor incentives?

Vendors and brands can easily submit draft incentives to partnered retailers and businesses. Once the manager or admin at the location approves the campaign, it can start running immediately. Employees at the location can participate in any available incentives.

What metrics are available?

View which incentives are driving the metrics that matter like sales volume, sell through, and lift. See what percentage of your employees are signed up for incentives to help coach them to become active participants.

How does SparkPlug compare to other incentive software providers?

SparkPlug is unique in 3 ways:

1. Everything is automated vs the manual method of other platforms.

2. Employees constantly mention how seamless it is for them to participate in incentives and claim their rewards.

3. Our customer support is unmatched. Everyone from employees to operators are answered quickly and rave about our customer support team.

What kind of resources does SparkPlug provide businesses?

SparkPlug works closely with each business to onboard, launch campaigns, and report on ROI. Our customer support team is actively involved in making sure every customer has success with the SparkPlug platform.