It's not just about the sales, people.

It's about the salespeople.

Employees on the sales floor have a lot of influence. Easily harness their power to fuel growth with SparkPlug, the world's first gamification engine for retailers and brands.

An all-in-one tool to   launch sales contests

Engage & Motivate

  • Gamify sales and inspire healthy competition
  • Motivate employees with customizable goals
  • Cultivate team buy-in, measure performance & reward success

Strengthen the Retailer and Brand Bond

  • Simplify product updates, campaigns and results communication
  • Influence & educate the frontline directly
  • Hands-off team visualization, management and motivation

Analytics & Insights

  • Integrate directly with POS for sales & trends visibility
  • Automated reporting and analytics
  • Granular campaign impact and ROI visibility
  • Powerful account insights
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22% higher average ticket at retailers that incentivize their employees with rewards and commissions

31% lower turnover among retailers that provide performance feedback and set clear, formalized goals

76% happier customers when employees have access to personalized sales data, metrics, and trends

We're ecstatic to be working with SparkPlug--their team has provided the perfect tool for us moving forward. Best tech on-boarding we've had!
Director of IT
22-Location Specialty Retailer