Compensation & Motivation: Insights From the Frontlines of the Foodservice Industry

SparkPlug recently conducted a research survey with 
 500 workers in the food service industry regarding compensation, 
 tips, and performance-based incentives with the goal of determining what factors are most effective in motivating frontline employees.

SparkPlug recently conducted a research survey within the food service industry to discover which compensation methods motivate employees. The goal was to uncover insights into the current compensation structure of food service workers and investigate which factors motivate employees to go above and beyond expectations at work.

It’s no secret that these past few years have been tough for the food service industry. Employees have either been without work due to mandated closures or have been forced to work and face a higher likelihood of exposure.

Restaurants of all types are struggling to find and keep employees, but wages have largely remained flat. With the entire industry in a hiring-frenzy, employers across the world are looking for creative ways to keep existing team members happy, productive, and focused on delighting customers and supporting the business.

Inside this report you will find insights into current trends in food service compensation and suggestions that you as an owner or manager can implement to increase employee retention, happiness, and overall profitability.