Case Studies

Gearing Up for Growth: How Outdoor Retailers Can Leverage Employee Incentives and Rewards to Drive Retention and Revenues

In a boom of new outdoor enthusiasts, retailers that sell outdoor merchandise and equipment have an edge. Incentivizing staff can drive sales and boost your brand even further.

Outdoor equipment and merchandise retailers are having a moment.

Amid the boom of interest in outdoor activities, millions of Americans took up outdoor hobbies for the first time. And as they planned their first hike, camping trip, or kayaking adventure, they discovered that specialized activities require specialized equipment.

Good news for outdoor retailers, right?

Yes, but challenges remain. As in all retail sectors, employee recruitment and retention is an uphill climb (and not the fun kind). And while the surge of new customers is healthy, outdoor retailers still need to convert them in to recurring customers to maximize their lifetime value.

Fortunately, many shoppers choose brick-and-mortar retailers specifically for the expertise and recommendation of sales associates.

That means that retailers have an opportunity to make the shopping experience for new customers even better by investing in their employees and incentivizing them the right way.

To do that, they need a platform in place to manage and execute sales incentives and employee rewards efficiently and effectively. Our latest use case shows how outdoor retailers can achieve this.

Our use case also explores how outdoor retailers can:

  • Build trust with shoppers by leveraging employee’s specialized expertise
  • Keep employees engaged and motivated to help customers in a sustainable way
  • Implement employee incentive programs to reward staff for meeting sales goals

Ready to learn how your outdoor retail operation can make the most of the boom in outdoor activities? Download the use case today.