Workbook: Creating a Store Sponsored Incentivization Plan That Works

retail-incentive-platform Let's face it: Ensuring your frontline team is motivated is one of the easiest ways to drive growth - and it starts with incentivizing them to give it their all, every day.

Customers come into physical retail locations looking for a customized buying experience - especially when shopping for specialty products. Every day, your frontline sales staff interact directly with your customers, advising on products and driving those sales.

Leading retailers understand the power of their frontline and work to keep their talent motivated and driving growth through goal-setting, incentivization and rewards.

But mapping a concrete strategy for how you will get the most out of your talent takes work.

Within this workbook, you’ll find:

  • A plug-and-play template for creating incentivization plans that will ensure your retail sales staff are aligned with company goals and selling
  • Examples and ideas for how to motivate your employees and the types of rewards that are likely to get the best results
  • A structured checklist to audit your goals and make sure they are the right ones for your business