Cannabis Incentives Playbook: How to Choose the Perfect Strategy for Your Brand

Looking to incorporate incentives with your cannabis brand, but don’t know exactly where to start? Let us do the heavy lifting for you. In this playbook you will find a step by step guide for individual and team based contests for your business.

If you are working with a retailer who support incentives, you may be looking to achieve one or more of the below goals for your brand:

  • Increase in brand awareness
  • Increase in budtender awareness
  • Increase in sales

Incentives are a great way to crush all three of these goals, if you have a successful plan for your business.

A few things to keep in mind before we dive into the different examples:

  • This playbook is set up with all rewards being cash. At your business, you can swap these out for physical rewards as well, context is still the same.
  • Each example is based on sales metrics per budtender or as a store, this can be switched out to whatever you want to measure, some other popular ones are order average and percent of sales.
  • All payouts listed are relative to your business and your expenses, the numbers listed below are just examples.

Individual Incentives:

One way you can approach incentives is on an individual level. This is when you look at performance of what you are incentivizing on an individual per budtender level rather than the team as a whole.

Here are some easy to replicate individual incentives.

Commission Incentives

  1. These incentives budtenders will be rewarded a set dollar amount for each unit they sell.
    • Each budtender earns $1 for each x product they sell (from your brand).
    • Each budtender earns $1 for each edible they sell (from your brand).

For commission sparks, the reward money offered will be relative based on your business expenses. You want this number to be motivating to budtenders, but also realistic to payout as a business.

Leaderboard Incentives

  1. For leaderboard incentives, only top sellers will be rewarded for their sales.
    • Whoever sells the most edibles this week earns $30.
    • Top 3 budtenders to sell the most pre-rolls will win $20, $30 & $50.

Goal Incentives

  1. Goal incentives are when you give budtenders a target to hit and when the budtender hits that mark, they earn their winnings.
    • Sell 50 edibles this month to earn $30.
    • Sell 30 pre-rolls this month to win $50.

Team-Based Incentives:

The other way you can approach incentives are based on team sales and team prizes. This is when you look at total goals set by a team and either everyone wins or no one wins, there are no individual incentive winners with this setup.

Here are some easy to replicate individual incentives.

  • If the store hits X sales this month, each budtender receives $20.
  • Sell 200 edibles this month and every team member earns $15.

Have questions? Reach out to us here @ SparkPlug to help with all of your incentive planning needs!