22 Jan 2024

Cannabis Beverages: The Next Big Thing in the Beverage Industry?

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Isabel Carter

Cannabis beverages are a relatively new addition to the cannabis industry, but they are quickly gaining popularity. According to a report by BDSA, cannabis beverages are expected to reach a total of almost $500 million by 2026. This growth is due to the ease of consumption through drinks, which may appeal to those who seek the effects without wanting to smoke or use more traditional methods of consumption.

However, the cannabis drinks market has seen limited success in merging the bar atmosphere with the allure of cannabis. Brands that have focused on delivering quality, consistent potency and clear messaging around the effects and benefits of their products have emerged victorious. For example, CANN has been a frontrunner in merging the canna-curious with the sober-curious to change how the world looks at social drinking. 

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So why are people choosing cannabis beverages over alcohol? One reason is that cannabis is considered far less risky in terms of addiction than alcohol. Additionally, some people cite stress relief or the lack of a hangover as reasons to consume cannabis instead of alcohol. A study from the American Addiction Centers showed that when it comes to picking what to consume, Americans tend to perceive alcohol as more dangerous than marijuana. Among survey respondents who didn’t smoke or ingest marijuana, people believed that alcohol was 25% more dangerous than marijuana.

Another reason why people are choosing cannabis beverages over alcohol is that they provide a different experience. While alcohol is a depressant that stimulates dopamine activity and affects the brain, the compounds that make up marijuana products interact directly with the body’s endocannabinoid system, producing the effects of a “high”. This difference in how the two substances interact with the body can lead to different experiences and effects.

In conclusion, cannabis beverages are the next big thing in the beverage industry. With their ease of consumption and growing popularity, it is clear that they have a bright future ahead of them. Brands that can deliver quality, consistent potency and clear messaging around the effects and benefits of their products will be the ones that succeed in this emerging market. People are choosing cannabis beverages over alcohol for a variety of reasons, including the perception of lower risk of addiction, stress relief, and a different experience. As more people become interested in cannabis, it is likely that the demand for cannabis beverages will continue to rise.