09 May 2023

Delaware's Cannabis Awakening: Exploring the New Frontier of Legalized Recreational Marijuana

Image of Isabel Carter

Isabel Carter

Cannabis in Delaware is not a new concept. With medical marijuana being legalized in 2011, Delaware was an early adopter of cannabis legalization. Now it’s moving to the masses. As of April 2023, Recreational cannabis is now legalized in the state of Delaware.

Looking to branch into this market? Let’s go over what you should know first.

  • Delawareans can begin applying for licenses to sell, test or cultivate marijuana in 13 months, with the first licenses handed out in 14 months.
  • Licenses will cost $10,000 every two years, and they can be taken away at any time.
  • People from communities disproportionately impacted by drug possession arrests or who have been arrested for lower-level drug crimes themselves will have state assistance in applying for licenses, lower fees and dedicated licenses set aside for them.

What you should do before you apply for a license:

  • Research the market. We cannot stress this enough, given how widely cannabis laws vary from state to state. Regulations and processes may be different from states you may have worked with previously.
  • Understand the types of licenses available: Depending on the state or jurisdiction, there may be different types of licenses available for different aspects of the cannabis industry, such as cultivation, processing, distribution, and retail. Make sure you understand which types of licenses you may need for your business and how to apply for them.
  • Consider the competition. There may be a lot of competition given the small size of Delaware. Consider the demand and the competition to figure out if this is the right market for you.
  • Be patient: Applying for a cannabis license can be a long process, and it may take several months or even years to receive approval. Be prepared for a potentially long wait and be persistent in following up on your application status.