02 Jul 2024

Elevating Budtender Education: How SparkPlug's Snaps are Changing the Game

Image of Cieryl Sardool

Cieryl Sardool

Cannabis retail is expanding, and budtenders are essential for guiding customers through product choices. Keeping up with new strains, edibles, and wellness items is a constant challenge for these frontline staff. 

SparkPlug's new feature, Snaps, aims to solve this problem. It uses a story format similar to Snapchat and Instagram to educate budtenders about products. This approach makes learning easier and more engaging, potentially improving customer service and product knowledge in dispensaries.

The Importance of Educated Budtenders

The cannabis industry is rapidly growing, with worldwide consumer spending on both legal and illegal high-THC cannabis expected to increase from $415 billion in 2020 to $496 billion by 2025, reflecting an annual growth rate of 3.6%. As the industry expands, so does the variety and complexity of products available. From different strains with varying cannabinoid profiles to a range of edibles and topicals, the choices can be overwhelming for consumers. This is where knowledgeable budtenders come in. Store associates who are highly knowledgeable about the products sell 87% more than those who lack such expertise.

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Traditional Training Methods: A Mixed Bag

Historically, budtender training has relied on a mix of in-person sessions, printed manuals, and online courses. While these methods have their merits, they also come with significant drawbacks. In-person training can be costly and logistically challenging, especially for large, multi-location dispensaries. Printed materials quickly become outdated in an industry that evolves as swiftly as cannabis. Online courses, though more flexible, often fail to engage and retain the attention of employees.

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Introducing SparkPlug's Snaps

Recognizing the need for a more effective training solution, SparkPlug has introduced Snaps. This innovative feature leverages the story format popularized by social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram to deliver bite-sized, interactive educational content to budtenders. Here's why Snaps are poised to transform budtender education:

  1. Engagement through Familiarity: Snaps tap into a format that most budtenders are already comfortable with. A significant majority of 18- to 29-year-olds use Instagram (76%), Snapchat (75%), and TikTok (55%), with usage being particularly high among those aged 18 to 24. By mimicking the story format, Snaps ensure that educational content is both engaging and easily digestible.
  2. Bite-Sized Learning: Each Snap is designed to be consumed quickly, delivering key information in short, manageable segments. Microlearning boosts employee focus and retention by 80%, is 17% more efficient than traditional training, and raises engagement from 15% to 90%. While 94% of e-learners prefer microlearning, 65% feel their training programs provide too much information. For busy budtenders, this means they can learn on the go, fitting training into their schedules more seamlessly.
  3. Interactive and Visual: Snaps are not just static slides; they incorporate videos, quizzes, and interactive elements to make learning more dynamic. Researchers at LinkedIn indicate that interactive content can increase learning engagement by 75% compared to traditional methods. This interactivity helps reinforce knowledge and ensures that information is retained more effectively.
  4. Up-to-Date Information: In an industry that evolves rapidly, having access to the latest product information is crucial. Snaps can be updated regularly to reflect new product launches, changes in regulations, and emerging trends. This ensures that budtenders are always equipped with the most current knowledge.

In the ever-evolving landscape of cannabis retail, staying ahead of the curve is essential. SparkPlug Snaps offer a modern, effective solution to budtender education, harnessing the power of familiar social media formats to deliver engaging, up-to-date, and interactive training. As the industry continues to grow, innovations like Snaps will be crucial in ensuring that budtenders can provide the best possible service, driving customer satisfaction and boosting sales.

For more information on SparkPlug's Snaps and how they can benefit your dispensary, visit  SparkPlug.