21 Mar 2024

How to Prepare for 4/20

Image of Sima Kurepa

Sima Kurepa

It's Time to Gear Up for 4/20!

4/20 is like the Super Bowl of stoner celebrations. It's a high holiday for cannabis enthusiasts near and far, and a huge sales day for dispensaries and brands alike. If you're not prepared, you'll miss out on a huge revenue opportunity. Now is the time to start strategizing and executing your 4/20 plans. Here are some key areas we recommend to focus on:

Inventory Management

Take a look at your sales data from last 4/20 to anticipate demand for popular items like certain strains, edibles, concentrates and merch. You don't want to run out of hot products, so order extra inventory on things that fly off the shelves. Make sure you're fully stocked on customer favorites.

Marketing and Promotions

Develop an aggressive marketing campaign across social media, email, and other channels. Start building hype and awareness at least 4 weeks out. Tease upcoming product launches, promotions, events and deals you'll be running for 4/20. Get creative with visuals and messaging that resonates with your customers. 

In-Store Experience

4/20 is a great chance to give your shop a fresh, lively vibe and create an enjoyable in-store experience. Decorate with branded displays, set up Instagrammable moments, and fill the air with aromatic terpenes. Consider hosting parties, activities, food trucks or entertainment to draw bigger crowds.

Staffing and Vendors

You'll need all hands on deck, so plan for extra staffing support. Budtenders will be swamped, so have additional help on hand to keep things running smoothly. It's also a prime opportunity for cannabis brands to send ambassadors for product marketing and samplings. It is also a great opportunity to keep your staff engaged! Try running a 4/20 incentive to boost sales!


With the right preparation and attention in these key areas, you can optimize your 4/20 sales while delivering an exceptional customer experience. It's a massive opportunity to drive revenue and delight your customers, so make sure you're taking it seriously behind the scenes.