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20 Jun 2023

How To Retain & Motivate Outdoor Gear Employees

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Isabel Carter


The success of a thriving Outdoor Gear store demands considerable effort, devotion, and dedication from both the management team and employees. As an owner or manager, motivating your employees to perform at their best is crucial for the success of your business. 

There are many benefits outside of retention when it comes to employee motivation. Increased productivity, profitability and employee satisfaction are all positive outcomes of motivating & rewarding employees. From a consumer perspective, rewarded employees are more engaged and positive, leading to a better customer experience. 

Curious for some actionable strategies on how to motivate your outdoor gear employees? Look no further:


It is no secret that here at SparkPlug we know incentives like the back of our hand, but because of this we also have firsthand knowledge and data on the outcomes of implementing employee incentives. 

Incentives can look like a lot of different things depending on your business structure. These could include: bonuses, paid time off, cash prizes, vendor sponsored discounts, events and excursions for staff. 

By offering incentives, employees have tangible rewards and benefits to work towards. In the outdoor industry, chances are employees have hobbies in the industry they are in. By offering incentives pertaining to their interests you are encouraging them to perform at a higher level.

Support outdoor experiences

It would not be surprising to know that your employees most likely have an interest in outdoor activities. Use this to your advantage! Incorporate outdoor activities into your business. Whether this is group hiking outings rather than staff meetings or camping over offsites. Supporting their love of the outdoors not only benefits you from an employee happiness perspective, but it is also a great way for your staff to become better acquainted with your products. 

Provide Training & Development

Employees will naturally be more engaged if they see that there are growth opportunities in their field. Not only will this allow you employees to stick around longer, but it will also show your employees that you care about their growth and that they are not just another number that can easily be replaced. 

Employees will leave for better opportunities if they feel as if they cannot grow with your business. Just because an employee has been with your company for an extended period does not mean that they owe you loyalty. 

Encourage Feedback and Collaboration

Encouraging feedback and collaboration is another effective way to motivate your employees. By creating an open and collaborative work environment, you are empowering your employees to share their ideas and perspectives. As experts in the industry, this feedback is valuable to you!  This feedback not only improves communication and teamwork, but it also shows your employees that their opinions matter and that their contributions are valued.

Offer employee discounts or gear benefits 

Provide employees with exclusive discounts or opportunities to purchase outdoor gear at discounted rates. This perk not only saves them money but also encourages personal outdoor exploration and reinforces their connection to the industry they work in. This will also benefit you through the product knowledge they will be absorbing!

Motivating employees in the outdoor gear industry is crucial for the prosperity of your business. By implementing various strategies, you can significantly boost employee motivation and productivity. It is essential to remember that motivated employees result in satisfied customers, leading to increased sales and overall success for your outdoor gear store.