25 Apr 2024

Maintaining Momentum: Strategies for Cannabis Retailers and Brands Post-4/20

Image of Isabel Carter

Isabel Carter

4/20 was an interesting ride for the cannabis industry in 2024. From sales excitement through the roof, to data outages, this year's 4/20 left some retailers frustrated and some ecstatic. But as time goes on, retailers and brands might find it tough to keep that energy going (or gain back lost traction). 

We have outlined some tips to keep the 4/20 momentum alive and how not to experience a post holiday sales slump.

Drop New Products and Promos

Keep your customers excited by rolling out fresh products or limited-edition drops in the months after 4/20. Don’t have any launches planned for post 4/20? Focus on offering well thought out promotions in the months following that keep excitement up, but don’t discount your brand.

Throw Events and Workshops

Get your customers involved by hosting educational workshops, product demos, or community events. These gigs can help build brand loyalty and give you valuable face time with your customers for feedback and interaction. Pair these events with special promotions or early access to upcoming launches.

Crush It on Social Media and Email Marketing

Keep your online game strong by consistently posting engaging content on your social media channels and sending targeted email campaigns. Share product updates, industry news, and special deals to keep your brand front and center in your customers' minds. 

Collab with Influencers and Industry Partners

Team up with influencers and other industry players to expand your reach and tap into new audiences. Collaborative promos, product bundles, or co-branded events can help generate hype and boost sales.

Launch Loyalty Programs

Encourage your customers to keep coming back by offering loyalty rewards, like points for purchases, exclusive discounts, or early access to new products. A well-designed loyalty program can help build long-term customer relationships and increase customer lifetime value.

Stay Flexible with Changing Consumer Preferences

Keep your finger on the pulse of shifting consumer preferences and market trends. Be ready to adjust your product offerings, marketing strategies, and customer experience to meet evolving demands and stay competitive in the post-4/20 landscape.

By putting these strategies into action, cannabis retailers and brands can keep the 4/20 momentum going strong and secure long-term success in the competitive and rapidly evolving cannabis industry. Staying innovative, engaging with customers, and being adaptable will be key to crushing it in the months and years after this landmark event.