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30 Jun 2023

Pet Shelf Space: Increase Your Brand's Retail Footprint

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Isabel Carter


The pet industry is thriving, driven by a growing number of pet owners seeking the best products and care for their beloved companions. With the COVID-19 pandemic leading to a surge in pet ownership, now is the best time for pet brands to expand their market presence. In this article, we will explore how you can capitalize on the increased demand and elevate your brand's retail footprint to reach a growing customer base of pet owners.

Understand the Market Landscape

Before embarking on any expansion efforts, it's crucial to thoroughly understand the current market landscape. Conduct market research to identify key trends, consumer preferences, and your target audience. Determine the most popular retail channels and identify any gaps or opportunities where your brand can make a significant impact.

Build Strong Retailer Relationships

Developing strong relationships with retailers is essential to increasing your brand's shelf space. Establishing a solid rapport with retail buyers and decision-makers can open doors to more prominent displays and better positioning within stores. Schedule face-to-face meetings, attend trade shows and industry events, and leverage networking opportunities to forge connections that will help your brand stand out.

Highlight Unique Selling Points

To secure more shelf space, it's crucial to demonstrate what sets your pet products apart from the competition. Highlight your brand's unique selling points, whether it's high-quality ingredients, sustainable manufacturing processes, innovative product features, or exceptional customer service. Retailers are more likely to allocate additional space to products that bring something new and exciting to their shelves.

Optimize Packaging and Presentation

Eye-catching packaging and presentation can significantly influence a retailer's decision to allocate more shelf space to your brand. Ensure that your product packaging is visually appealing, communicates the product's benefits clearly, and stands out among competitors. Consider utilizing point-of-purchase displays, shelf talkers, or other attention-grabbing techniques to maximize visibility and attract customers' attention.

Leverage In-Store Promotions and Merchandising

Collaborate with retailers to develop in-store promotions and merchandising strategies that showcase your pet products. Offer attractive deals, bundle products together, or create exclusive packages to incentivize both retailers and customers. Utilize prominent endcap displays, aisle displays, and product demonstrations to increase product visibility and drive sales. Investing in eye-catching signage and branding within the store can also help to reinforce brand recognition.

Expanding your brand's retail footprint is a critical step towards increasing market share and gaining more exposure for your pet products. Remember, a comprehensive and strategic approach, combined with a commitment to quality and innovation, will set your brand apart and drive growth in the competitive pet product market.