29 Jan 2024

SparkPlug for Employee Retention

Author: SparkPlug

SparkPlug is more than just employee rewards, it is a powerful tool to help businesses keep their employees around longer.

Nearly half, or 49%, of retail workers contemplate leaving their current positions. Setting yourself apart involves maintaining the engagement of your staff. One way to do this is through enticing incentives. SparkPlug fosters an atmosphere of acknowledgment and motivation, providing the catalyst that retains high-performing employees for the long haul.

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Employee turnover negatively impacts businesses in a multitude of ways. Filling open positions takes more than just time. It can strain your existing workforce, which leads to increased stress for existing employees which can have a cascade of negative outcomes associated with it. Maintaining your positions by showing appreciation to your existing staff is a great way to maintain a well-functioning team.

With SparkPlug, employees have a way to earn additional income outside of their normal pay. They not only feel more appreciated with the extra benefits, but they have a sense of contribution, value and stake in the company. We have seen SparkPlug increase customers retention numbers at their businesses by 30%!

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