Case Studies

18 Jan 2024

Denise De Nardi- 20 Location Retailer

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Isabel Carter

Denise De Nardi, Chief Sales Officer of a 20 location retailer shares how her business uses SparkPlug. 

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The Obstacle

Prior to SparkPlug, we had employees that lacked motivation. We knew that employees valued not only some sort of financial recognition, but recognition in general. 

By bringing on SparkPlug we can track employee success and have noticed that productivity has increased, employees are very engaged, but more than anything we have been able to retain employees longer.

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The Results

We brought on SparkPlug to deal with employee motivation and retention and noticed how our employees work as a team. We love using SparkPlug for team incentives and have noticed how SparkPlug fosters teamwork, but also how it has created a great customer and employee experience. We have also noticed monetary results as well.

"In retail, we measure our average order and units per transaction and have noticed an increase in both since using SparkPlug."

This has been especially nice to see coming off of the pandemic where consumers purchasing habits have changed frequently. 

Our employees are driving our order average, our units per transaction and essentially are driving the success of our company.

Our Experience

Our experience with SparkPlug has been extremely easy. Most companies hesitate bringing on a new platform because they're worried about employee adoption. But SparkPlug is absolutely turnkey.

We get great reporting, our employees can track their own progress, we love the leaderboards and the platform is very engaging. 

We feel very secure using SparkPlug, we know our data is secure and that is critical in the retail environment. 

"If your employees are happy, your customers are going to be happy and you'll continue driving more people to your brand.