Case Studies

14 Mar 2024

Nick Saba- Brand Case Study

Image of Isabel Carter

Isabel Carter


Smokiez, a leading cannabis brand, has been leveraging SparkPlug since 2022 to incentivize budtenders and identify their most passionate brand advocates within the dispensaries they supply. This strategic partnership has enabled Smokiez to consistently run engaging incentive programs across multiple markets, fostering a deep connection with the front-line staff who play a critical role in shaping consumer decisions.

Beyond rewarding budtenders for their influential recommendations, Smokiez has also harnessed SparkPlug as a powerful tactic to amplify their brand presence and visibility within the dispensary environment. This multi-faceted approach has proven invaluable in cultivating a loyal following and driving growth for the brand.

The Obstacle

Prior to SparkPlug, Smokiez could not incentivize employees at all. Smokiez said it was impossible to see the virtual analytics and individual budtenders who are selling their products. Everything was grouped together, which meant if they wanted to incentivize budtenders, it would be as a group rather than individually. With SparkPlug Smokiez can figure out who our champion in the stores is, so they can thank and reward their brand champions!

"You might have one person in the dispensary that's selling 90 percent of the Smokiez, but you would never, ever know that. And then you're rewarding the whole store when it's really one guy, it's really one guy you should be putting up on the pedestal being like, Hey, thank you very much."


The Results

SparkPlug has impacted Smokiez business in a very positive way. Smokiez can go into larger stores that are already on SparkPlug and say that we are signed up too and we want to run incentives with you right out of the gate is a huge incentive for stores to know that they are going to see sell through with Smokiez products because the budtenders are motivated to get that product into customers hands.

SparkPlug also keeps budtenders super engaged with Smokiez products. It is awesome to have budtenders feel confident in an incentive structure where they know they will be able to receive their incentives. 

Our Experience

Smokiez says that onboarding with SparkPlug was awesome.

"Since everything is so easy to use and user friendly, it has been easy to train new reps on how to use the platform. The simplicity of the platform makes it easy to get onboarded without a ton of outside help."