Case Studies

19 Jan 2024

Eric Alessi- The Goodyear House

Image of Isabel Carter

Isabel Carter

Eric Alessi, General Manager of the Goodyear House shares how his business uses SparkPlug. 

Watch his full story below.

The Obstacle

Prior to SparkPlug, the Goodyear House noticed a drain of time on their managers to make sure they were actively going through and analyzing who was winning sales competitions.

"With SparkPlug, everything is automatic and we no longer have to wait until we are finished with the day to see who wins, they are able to track results throughout the hour."

The Results

The Goodyear House has seen tremendous results since implementing SparkPlug. Not only are they seeing overall sales lifts, they are also motivating employees to sell more of chef recommended items and dishes. 

Not only are they selling more during the Spark periods, but they are also using SparkPlug as a way for their employees to learn more about specific items they sell (ex: wine).

SparkPlug has also helped motivate their employees and fosters healthy competition. In Erics words it helps put a little "pep in our step".

Our Experience

"SparkPlug has definitely helped us in being profitable".

One thing the Goodyear House is looking forward to utilizing in SparkPlug is getting their vendors on board for vendor sponsored incentives.

"Being able to get our vendors involved and offset some of our costs from the competition rewards is really attractive".