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15 Feb 2024

Marlene Urrea- Brand Case Study

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Isabel Carter


Claybourne, a prominent cannabis brand in California, has leveraged SparkPlug's platform since early 2023 to effectively track in-store incentives. Recognizing the vast customer base within the cannabis industry, Claybourne sought out SparkPlug to streamline incentive efforts. The partnership reduced the workload of running in-store promotions, enabling Claybourne to direct resources more efficiently. Beyond time-saving benefits, SparkPlug collaborated closely with Claybourne to develop tailored incentive plans aligning with their marketing budget. This approach empowered Claybourne to optimize in-store presence and drive engagement with precision, fostering a deeper connection with their target audience.

The Obstacle

Claybourne had been using a competitor to track their in store incentives. The competitor had great service and the product was good but it was not connected to enough of their retailers. This resulted in them doing a lot of competitions where they were manually calculating the results. In addition, each competition had to be set up via an email request and sometimes a request would get lost in the process.

After a few months, Claybourne realized that more than half of the competitions they were running were being run manually and that the time and effort the team was spending to calculate these negated the savings we thought we were getting by using the competing service. Claybourne reached out to the Sparkplug team and worked out a plan that saved them time and fit within their marketing budget. It was a big win and a great time saver!

"I reached out to the Sparkplug team and we worked out a plan that saved us time and fit within our marketing budget. It was a big win and a great time saver".


The Results

Claybourne mentions noticing increased brand awareness from employees since starting with SparkPlug. Employees are more excited to recommend the Clayourne brand even when it is not during an incentive period.

"This is continuing to help us grain market share. In addition, our team has become even more deeply engaged with our customers helping us to continue to improve our customer service".

Claybourne Case Study

Our Experience

"Running smooth incentives and being able to run dozens at one time has been incredible. It has increased brand loyalty on the employee level and helped us increase market share in a tough market".

"In addition, having a window into our inventory levels has helped us avoid stock outs so that we can continue to maximize revenue for both our brand and our retailers".